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We are excited to hear that you are looking to unlock your limitless potential with our product. Tool Kitz AI is a powerful tool that shatters boundaries and empowers innovation, providing users with cutting-edge technology to enhance their work and productivity.

  • Oracle Network

    Unblock your business, take it to another level through

  • Low Network Cost

    cheap, easy to scale

  • API & SDK & Dev Tool

    build your Dream project

  • AI & Trading Tool

    reach your business to next step

Tool kitz AI

is the first Layer 2

Blockchain which is providing infrastructure to
the founders with our API and SDK to
Empowering You without coding.

Unlock The Value Of Services

Knowledge & guidance

24/7 expert guidance at your fingertips. Unlock the full potential of our platform with our dedicated team.

Software Development

Effortless software development excellence with our experienced team. Thrive with ease, even with minimal knowledge

Smart contract Auditor & Generator

Create smart contracts at any chain from EVM and Rust just in a few clicks and unlock potentials.

Trading Tool

Create MM and ALP tools with our services. Unlock high-volume trading with real-time data and a diverse range of assets.

Scalable Solution

Scale your product with our first-layer 2 multichain support. Reach new heights of development, adoption & captivating use cases.

Metaverse And Gaming

stunning 2D/3D graphics, customizable avatars, virtual currencies, captivating animations, seamless UI/UX, and robust game engines.

web3/web4 and defi

Empower your creations with Web3, Web4, and DeFi. Unite blockchain, services, and finance.

Nft & AI Tools

Unleash limitless creativity using our NFT API and SDK. From marketplaces to AI tools, explore boundless possibilities

Everything is possible with tool kitz aI

Before TKZ

After TKZ

Tool kitz AI

We are aggressively increasing our utility through various Services

• AI tool model

• Staking and farming

• Tool Kitz Ai

• API and SDK

• Scalable solution with Layer 2

why choose
Tool kitz AI

Unlock the power of Layer 2 innovation with our pioneering project on zk rollup and sync. Our versatile API and SDK empower developers to build limitless possibilities.

Easy to scale

Easy to scale with Layer 2 Blockchain

Easy to Use

Easy to use our API and SDK


Multichain supported

Top notch graphics

Easy to use and top notch graphic Creation tools


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Janak Raj

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Ashish kumar

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Amir Md.

CEO at Ortcoin
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